Thursday, July 20, 2017

The College Series: Answering Major Specific Questions

Hey y'all! For today's post I've partnered up with a few other college bloggers to answer some common questions regarding specific majors. This advice will be great for any of you who are still in the process of choosing a major for this fall or for those of you who are still undecided after a year or two. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me via email or drop a comment below and we can continue answering your questions! All of the questions in this post are reader submitted, I love answering whatever questions y'all have about college!

college advice for incoming freshmen for your major
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First up we have Laila from Laila Anne Co.

Boston University: Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Human Physiology

Favorite thing about your major? Least favorite? 
I love that I specifically get to learn about all the science behind the human body! There's so much to learn and it's super rewarding when you can retain and process all of the information you're given. My least favorite thing about my major is the amount of time I have to spend studying, but I really can't complain because I still get to have a lot of fun!

How much time do you spend a week on homework/studying?
A whole lot! I would say I spend anywhere from 25-40 hours studying and doing homework each week.

How much free time do you have, if any? What do you do with it?
On days where I only have a few classes I can have up to six hours of free time, plus on the weekends my schedule is generally pretty open! In my free time I love putting a little extra effort into my makeup, shopping, watching TV and relaxing with friends.

If you could go back and start college all over again would you choose the same major?
I would totally stick with my major if I had the chance to start over again. Although it is very challenging, the many highlights and opportunities offered in my program make the struggle well worth it!

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I would love to attend medical school. I want to become an OB/GYN so I would look for schools with great women’s health curriculums. I don’t know where my journey will take me, but I also love the idea of pursuing a Master’s in Public Health. I know I would be so happy following either (or both) of these paths!

What has been your favorite class so far? Least favorite? 
My favorite class has been an introductory writing class called “Women of the Non-West”. In this class, we studied feminist issues from the perspective of women in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It was incredibly eye-opening and interactive. We watched a lot of Ted Talks and read so many fascinating articles.
My least favorite class was Chemistry 101. At Boston University, the CH 101 class has a reputation for crushing the dreams of all STEM freshmen. It is challenging, intensive and quite unforgiving. In order to succeed I had to spend a ton of time studying (hence the 40 hours). At the end of the day I survived, and I’m so glad I don’t have to suffer through it again.

Why did you choose this major? 
I chose to major in Human Physiology because I love science and want to attend Med School. However, I don’t love learning about plant biology, ecology and E.coli. I really wanted to explore the inner workings of the human body, so naturally Human Phys called my name. 

Advice for incoming freshman choosing this major? 
I’ll put the harsh stuff first: Be prepared to study hard and be prepared to fail! It will be difficult. But also, be prepared to learn so much fascinating information and be super proud of yourself when you retain most of it. You’ll need to develop amazing time management skills and learn how to collaborate. If you stay dedicated you’ll impress everyone by killing the game in a super difficult program of study! And remember, a little bit of healthy fear of failure can be a great motivator. I know you’ve got this, get ready to slay your first year of college. 

Next up we have Danielle from Dragon Girl Blog

Texas A&M University

Biochemistry & French Double Major

Favorite thing about your major? Least favorite? 
My favorite thing about my biochemistry major was definitely my “Introduction to Biochemistry” class. In this class, we learned about future topics we’d be exploring later on in the major. My least favorite part of this major was all of the work!
My favorite thing about my French major is the opportunity it brings! It opens the door to studying abroad and meeting new people! I don’t dislike anything about this major.

How much time do you spend a week on homework/studying? 
For biochemistry, I spent about 5-8 hours a day studying, which equated to around 25-40 hours a week. Taking on this major is like taking on a full-time job. I only spent about 3-5 hours a week on French.

How much free time do you have, if any? What do you do with it? 
I didn’t have much free time, but I spent that time participating in the activities my organizations offered. These things included general meetings, leadership meetings and volunteering.

If you could go back and start college all over again would you choose the same major? 
ABSOLUTELY NOT! I actually changed my major from Biochemistry to International Studies with a concentration in Communication and Media. 

What are your plans after graduation? 
Originally, my plans were to go to medical school to become a pediatric oncologist. As of now, I would like to work for Estée Lauder in New York or possibly Paris in PR and Media.

What has been your favorite class so far? Least favorite? 
I have two favorite classes actually, “Prospective of Biochemistry and Genetics” and “Contemporary French.” Hopefully your college of choice offers an introductory class to your major because this class will give you a taste of what you’re in for and get you pumped about your future collegiate career!

Why did you choose this major? 
I chose this major because I was told that it would give me the best shot of getting into medical school. I also found it to be pretty interesting and loved how it, quite literally, combined biology and chemistry into one. 

Advice for incoming freshman choosing this major? 
STUDY WHAT YOU LOVE. Do not be like me and spend an entire year studying something you don’t absolutely love. If you feel like you aren’t getting anything out of your current classes and begin to feel unmotivated, do not be afraid to step off of whatever path you set for yourself to explore other options. Ignore anyone who calls your major “useless.” If you love what you study, you will be successful no matter what. 

Next up is Alexis from Very Lex

Texas State University 

Elementary Education

Favorite thing about your major? Least favorite? 
I love that we get to work with kids pretty early on. Of course freshman year was full of core classes, but by my sophomore year my classes built in time at elementary schools so we were able to get experience as early as possible. Also, the professors were all pretty great. As an education major, your professors are passionate about education which makes for very helpful and encouraging teachers. Sometimes I think they're more excited about teaching us than we are! My least favorite part was that everyone thought my major was super easy. They would always ask me if my classes were full of crafts and fun projects. I don't think a lot of people realize the research on child development and how big of a role it plays in the major. It's not all about the material we teach, it's about the child we're teaching. 

How much time do you spend a week on homework/studying? 
On an average, I spend between 10-15 hours a week doing homework or studying. I will admit that most of this time is spent reading articles and textbooks. 

How much free time do you have, if any What do you do with it? 
I didn't have much free time because I worked as an RA (resident advisor) on campus, but when I did I liked to hang out with friends and explore. Texas State is between San Antonio and Austin, so it was really easy to take day trips to the larger cities!

If you could go back and start college all over again would you choose the same major? 
If I could go back, I would definitely choose the same major. It has taught me so much about children and their development which will not only help me as a teacher, but as a parent in the future. It also taught me a lot about different learning styles and how to cater to those, which helped me with my own work as a college student. 

What are your plans after graduation? 
After graduation, I hope to have a job right out of school, but because I am an elementary education major graduating in December, I realize that teaching jobs are few and far between in January. So, I plan to substitute teach (hopefully a long-term sub position) throughout the remainder of the school year and find a full-time teacher position in August. 

What has been your favorite class so far? Least favorite? 
My favorite class so far has been my Family Relationships class. It basically went throughout all different types of families and lifestyles and the value to each of them. I loved this class because not only was my professor was super hilarious and witty, but the information was so interesting. It was one of those classes that's valuable for any major, because it's relevant to everyone. My least favorite class was definitely my ESL class. ESL stands for English as a Second Language, and while I understood the value and importance of the class for my future career, it was one of those classes that I dreaded going to. My professor was very passive aggressive with her students, and would talk in a condescending tone when answering questions. The material was also pretty boring for me because it was mostly the legal side of ESL so it was a lot of reading law and court case articles. My class actually bonded over how boring the class was. 

Why did you choose this major? 
I chose this major because I have always loved working with kids. I knew growing up that I never wanted to work a traditional "desk job" and teaching is far from it. My mother was also a teacher (she  is currently a school counselor) when I was younger, and I remember wanting to be just like her. It's funny because after talking to a bunch of girls in my classes, we found out that most of us actually played "school" with our friends and siblings and demanded to be the teacher!

Advice for incoming freshman choosing this major? 
My advice for this major would be to make sure that you're truly passionate about education. It is so much more than apples and rulers, and after working with kids during my internship I've found that teaching will definitely test you. Along with this, don't go into this field for the money. I'm not sure about other states, but in Texas, teachers don't get paid that much. But on the other hand, I have never seen a group of professors so passionate about what they're teaching. My friends complain about how their professors don't care about the students, but that has never happened in this major. Every professor is invested in you, and genuinely wants to see you succeed. My last piece of advice is to be careful what you put online. If you are wanting to become a teacher, I promise you the school you apply to after graduation will search through your social media and you DO NOT want them to find anything (especially a post you forgot about from your freshman year in college). Promote yourself in a positive light, because think about it, if your principal can find it then your student's parents can find it and you don't want that. Having said that, teaching is a highly respected profession, and one that breeds lifelong friendships which is an added bonus!

Last but not least is me!

Coe College, transferring to University of Iowa

Biology & Neuroscience Double Major

Favorite thing about your major? Least favorite? 
I'd have to say my favorite thing about this major is how much it makes me excited for my future career in Medicine. It is fun to me to learn things about the human body and science and see how they all work together, it's very rewarding. 
My least favorite thing would have to be the immense time commitment. Honestly, if you're going to major in any science be prepared to work harder than you ever thought possible. 

How much time do you spend a week on homework/studying? 
The typical rule is 3 hours per class of homework/studying and that seems to be pretty true. In total I'd say I spend about 30-40 hours a week doing homework or studying. This involves a ton of reading and for me personally lots of practice problems and online homework. 

How much free time do you have, if any? What do you do with it? 
I won't lie I don't have tons of free time, but that's my own fault. I like to be involved and I also work part time while I'm in school to try to save money for medical school. In my free time I like to read (for fun), shop, work on my blog, and binge watch Netflix or hang out with my dog!

If you could go back and start college all over again would you choose the same major? 
That's a funny story actually. I have changed my major twice before landing in science. If I could start over I would choose it first. As a kid I always wanted to pursue Medicine but I was always told I wasn't good enough. So I started in Visual Arts, changed to Business Administration and was just miserable and bored. I finally decided I didn't care what anyone said and decided to pursue what I really felt was calling me and I've never been happier. It's so much hard work but it's so worth it. 

What are your plans after graduation? 
I plan on going to medical school. I don't know exactly what specialty I want to pursue but I am so fascinated by Ophthalmology. I also love the idea of pediatrics and a couple of others. 

What has been your favorite class so far? Least favorite? 
My favorite class so far has probably been Anatomy & Physiology. I just love learning about the body and how everything works, it's so satisfying. 
For my least favorite it's a tie between Biopsychology and Chemistry. My Biopsychology professor was actually super nice but the class itself was just very dry and so so detailed. It was kind of an overwhelming amount of information. Chemistry is hard for it's own reasons. The professor I had for Chem 101 was not great so I felt like I didn't get the basic knowledge I needed from that class which is only making it harder as the classes progress and get more difficult. It's also a lot of math, which I'm not great at. 

Why did you choose this major? 
Like I mentioned earlier, I have always wanted to pursue Medicine. I have such a thirst for knowledge and I really feel like the field is always evolving and there is always something new to learn. I've always wanted to combine my love for science with helping people and Medicine is the perfect way to combine the two. Biology is the first stepping stone to getting where I want to be. The Neuroscience major is actually a collateral major. It's just a handful of extra classes. These classes are mainly in psychology which is something else I really enjoy, so it felt like a smart decision to incorporate that as well. I would also say some of the things covered in the Neuroscience classes (like Biopsychology) break down the larger concepts from Biology classes and make them easier to understand while also giving you a deeper, more thorough, understanding of the concept as a whole. 

Advice for incoming freshman choosing this major? 
If you're doing this to pursue something like Medicine for the money, don't bother. Unless you are truly passionate about what you're learning you will get burnt out and bored. This major isn't for someone who wants an easy college experience. There is so much to learn and so much studying to do, it's a huge time commitment but if it's what you want and love it's worth every minute. 
My other advice is not to take your advisor's words as absolute truth. While my advisor is nice and sometimes helpful, he has tried to discourage me from pursuing my goals on multiple occasions. From talking to more students in the same major at different colleges it seems like this is the norm, which is so unfortunate. Being told you're not good enough, especially by someone in a place of leadership is awful. If this is what you really want and you're willing to put your heart and soul into it and work harder than you ever thought possible, do it. If you want something enough you can achieve it. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SheIn Haul + Tips

Hey y'all! By now I'm sure most of you have heard about SheIn (previously SheInside) a fashion company based overseas. You've most likely seen your favorite bloggers rocking an item that they brag about being so inexpensive but you've wondered if it's too good to be true. Will it look that good on you? Is the quality okay? Well you've come to the right place. I've purchased from SheIn a handful of times and I've acquired lots of quality items, so I'm here to show you my latest haul and give complete reviews of every item, as well as links! Let's get started with some tips:

SheIn tips and tricks for shopping from china

Manage Your Expectations
You're getting what you pay for. Every so often you come across an item that has outstanding reviews and comes in with just overall great quality. It happens, but be aware that you can also receive items that aren't exactly high-quality. That being said I've never returned anything for being poor quality.

Look For Reviews
One of the best ways to see what an item looks like in real life and get an accurate picture of the quality is to look for reviews. You can also look through the Style Gallery, which is where people who have received the item post pictures of them wearing it to help other people get an idea of what it looks like in real life.

Be Willing to Write Reviews
Help a fellow shopper out. Lots of people depend on the reviews to help them decide whether or not to purchase an item, if you buy an item, especially one with no reviews, go write a quick review or post a picture to help out the next person who wants to buy the item. Plus, writing reviews gets you points which can eventually be redeemed for discounts.

Pay for Expedited Shipping
These items are shipping from overseas, so be aware that some items can take up to a month to ship. They usually do a great job about getting the items out in a week or two but you can speed this process along by paying for expedited shipping. It's only a few dollars and you'll most likely get your items within 7 days.

The first item up is the pink scalloped off the shoulder top that everyone on Instagram has been asking about. It's so adorable! It's hands down my favorite item I've ever ordered from them, it's pretty good quality. I did notice that it's just barely see-through, but not enough to worry about. The elastic is good quality and stays up well. Sizing runs true to size, I ordered a medium.

Next up is this palm leaf printed blouse. The material on this is a bit weird but overall it's a cute top. I will say I ordered a medium and it's pretty big on me, so I would definitely recommend ordering a size down in this one, maybe even two. The colors and print are gorgeous in person! The zipper on the back is good quality and functional. 

Next I ordered this laser cut navy off the shoulder dress. I will say on this the material is kind of stiff and uncomfortable. The dress does fit loose though so it's tolerable. The detailing is really cute and well done. The elastic stays off the shoulder on this too. This can really easily be dressed up or down, so it's a good buy for summer. This felt to me like it ran big too, if you don't want to order your current size you should size down one.

Lastly, I ordered this blush pink casual jacket. I thought it would be great for spring and summer for chilly nights and rainy days. The material does feel a little cheap and so do the "metal" accents but all around it's a great value. Fit is true to size and the color is great too.

So that sums up my most recent haul from SheIn and some helpful tips and tricks I use when I shop their site. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop a comment below!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Navy or Nothing

Hey y'all! I think this is one of my favorite shoots to date. The locations we found were just so perfect and how stinking cute is this cupcake shop?! If you ever make your way to Cedar Falls, Iowa you need to swing by Scratch Cupcake. Try anything they are all delicious!

If you've been following me for awhile you know about my love affair with J. Crew Chino shorts. They come in so many colors and they go with everything in my closet. Lots of their colors match Lilly too! This adorable white tank is one I scored on clearance at Old Navy. I love the detailing on the straps and around the top and bottom. The cardigan is from about 2 years ago at Loft but it's still a  favorite of mine, it's never faded and it is just so buttery soft. 

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen this lemon clutch that I'm in love with. I got this for $6 at T.J. Maxx! It's so cute and summery, you'll definitely be seeing a lot more of it. All the products are linked below, and for those no longer available I've linked some similar options! 



Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer + Stripes

Hey y'all! Recently I was shopping at Target (you're shocked I know) and I found the cutest, most comfortable dress for summer. Does anyone else love tee shirt dresses? I think they're the perfect dress when you want to look put together but still feel comfortable. I also adore the off the shoulder trend and stripes so that just makes it that much better! You can shop the dress here (it's under $25!) the rest of the products are linked below!

I'm wearing my Jack Rogers sandals in white, as I've mentioned before they're the perfect go-to summer shoe. I'm always wearing my Kendra Scott Andy bracelet and my Kendra Scott Alex earrings as well. My purse is my all time favorite Kate Spade, it's just so classic and structured. I scored it last year during her surprise sale for a great deal, if you sign up for emails they'll notify you when the sale goes live, trust me it's worth it!

I've featured my favorite beach read for the summer for you too! I flew through this book called Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer. If you're on the lookout for a great book you should definitely check out some of hers!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Life + Lemons

Hey y'all! I am a long time lover of anything ruffled or seersucker, so now that I finally got my hands on this adorable double ruffle top from J. Crew I had to pair it with my favorite seersucker skirt (also from J. Crew). You'll be seeing this top in plenty more posts! The skirt is from a few summers ago but I've linked some great seersucker options below.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen this lemon clutch that I posted last week, it's just the cutest thing! I scored it at T.J. Maxx for only $6! I'm also wearing my Jacks in white because they're my go-to summer shoe, they go with absolutely everything.

For jewelry I'm wearing the Kendra Scott Andy bracelet in white, Kendra Scott Elisa necklace in white, and the Kendra Scott Alex earrings in a color that has been discontinued. Don't worry though, there are plenty of beautiful colors available! All of these products are linked below, let me know if you have them or want something from this post!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Hello Sunshine

Hey y'all! I'm super excited to share this outfit today because this is one of my all-time favorite Lilly shifts. It's just so colorful and beautiful and I just love lighthouses! This print is no longer available but the print name is High Beams if you want to look around for an item! I've also linked some of my current favorite shifts below. I'd love to know what you're favorite Lilly print is, drop me a comment below!

As always I'm wearing my white Jacks because they are so neutral and go with everything. I'm also wearing the Kendra Scott Andy bracelet in white, it's one of my favorites for stacking.

Lastly, I'm wearing this adorable embroidered beach hat that I snagged at Hobby Lobby before my trip to Mexico in March. It's no longer available at Hobby Lobby but I've linked some other options!