Gifts for the Tech Savvy Friend

This is such an awesome gift, especially with a couple of records to go along with it! I have a Crosley record player and it is still one of my favorite gifts I've ever received. 

This is the Apple Watch I currently have and I LOVE it. I really can't say enough good things about it. If you're looking to splurge a little for a gift this is definitely it. 

This has to be about the cutest thing ever. This would make a great portable radio to take to the pool or the beach in the summer, or just about anywhere! It would also be great for tailgating!

This little guy probably has you confused but it would make a great and practical gift for anybody heading off to college, moving to a new city, or just anyone who wants to feel safer. This little button is easy to put in your purse or in your pocket and with a few clicks you can get help or send an alert to your worrisome mother to let her know you got safely where you were headed. 

This little speaker produces a pretty good quality of sound and can get pretty loud. Would be a great portable speaker for anyone on the go!

This smartphone printer is on my Christmas list this year. It's a great size and you can print any photo straight from your phone. You can also print straight from your Facebook or Instagram account!

This little speaker has great sound and can get loud! It's a little bit less feminine then the last speaker I listed (it could also work for your bf). Added bonus: it's waterproof, and resists dust and sand!

So often these portable chargers are ugly but this one is adorable and even comes in about 20 different patterns! 

This is seriously the best thing I've ever purchased. I have a tendency to lose my keys almost daily and this saves me so much time in the morning looking for my keys. Less wasted time = more sleep, it's a win win!

Best investment ever for anyone really. We have them in every room of my apartment because they're so small and convenient. It makes it so easy to stream all your favorite sites in one place with one remote. 

So these have probably been at the top of Christmas lists for a few years now but it's a great gift idea for that friend who loves to take artsy photos. You can also hang them all up for easy and whimsical decor!

This thing is a godsend, especially in the winter. It helps with dry skin and helps eliminate those nights when you wake up with a sore throat from sleeping in dry air. I would even recommend grabbing one for yourself. 

This is like a VR version of the Simon game we all knew and loved as kids. It's a cool throwback and personally I think it would be hilariously fun at parties. 

Y'all know I can't leave Lilly off the list, so this is for the girl who never goes anywhere without her phone but wants to stay stylish.

Honestly, when I first got this I didn't know if I'd ever use it but now I love it! I use this for everything from making grocery lists to jamming out in my room. The Echo Dot is the smaller version of the full sized Amazon Echo and it would make a perfect gift for the holiday season! 

The perfect stocking stuffer for anyone. These are a really cute color and they have pretty great sound quality for being inexpensive. 

If you're trying to stay as inexpensive as possible this holiday you can also consider signing up for the Target RedCard. They have both a debit card and a credit card to choose from and you always save 5% on everything in the store! You can sign up here!

Minneapolis Travel Guide

Hey y'all! I'm coming back with another travel guide, this time I'm talking all about Minneapolis! Minneapolis is a quick four hour road trip for me, so it's always a good destination for a little weekend getaway. This time I stayed at The Graduate Hotel and I have to say I highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay in Minneapolis! It was such a cute boutique hotel with the coziest furnishings. It really felt like a place you'd want to snuggle up by the fire (preferably the one in the lobby, which is gorgeous). It had a very luxury ski lodge vibe that we really enjoyed!

First Stop: Total Wine & More
So this stop is technically a little outside the twin cities but it's definitely worth swinging by. They have great deals on wine, most of it at wholesale prices. This means you can pick up some great quality bottles for under $20! They also have a huge selection of beer and spirits, I'd totally recommend stopping if you have time!

Second Stop: The Mall of America
Anyone who knows me or reads this blog, or even anyone who has seen the inside of my closet knows I love to shop so this was a fairly obvious place to spend half a day. The Mall of America is the largest shopping mall in the United States so if you're in need of a shopping fix.....enough said.

Third Stop: The Graduate Hotel
After a shopping spree we stopped by the hotel to drop off our luggage and check in. The Graduate is located in the heart of the University of Minnesota campus which puts you right within walking distance to some really neat shops, restaurants, and more. They also have a restaurant and bar attached, as well as a Starbucks!
Bonus: Not traveling to Minneapolis? No problem! The Graduate is a chain of hotels in college towns all across the country!

Fourth Stop: Sencha Tea Bar
This is a place we just happened to notice on the way to the hotel. It's about a block and a half walk from the hotel so it made the perfect pre-dinner relaxation spot. They had a massive selection of teas to choose from, as well as some light food offerings. This was a really quaint and unique place and I'm so glad we happened upon it!

Last Stop: The Melting Pot
If you haven't been to The Melting Pot at least once in your life you need to give it a shot. It's definitely an experience. They offer a huge variety of different fondues such as cheese, and chocolate fondues. If you feel like playing it safe try the Classic Alpine cheese fondue. For the chocolate fondue you can choose what type of chocolate you want and if you're 21 and over you can choose a type of alcohol to mix in as well. We went with dark chocolate and Bailey's and it was FANTASTIC.
Pro Tip: Plan on spending at least two hours here, this isn't a quick meal but it's totally worth the time investment!

Hopefully you've gotten the travel bug from reading this! Have you ever stayed at a Graduate Hotel? What's your favorite place to visit in Minneapolis? Let me know in the comments!