Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The College Series: Do's & Don'ts of Sorority Recruitment

Hey y'all! The next few posts in the College Series have been highly requested and they're all about sorority rush. Let me know if you guys have any questions and I can do a Q&A post about rush as well!

do's and don'ts of sorority rush, recruitment advice


Do: Be Yourself 
This should be fairly obvious but we are trying to get to know you and hundreds of other girls as quickly as possible. Don't be afraid to be yourself and don't be afraid of being judged. 

Do: Smile! 
It makes us feel more comfortable as well as the girls around you. Smiling makes you seem more fun and approachable, trust me we're doing the same thing. 

Do: Be Positive
Try to be excited for every house, even if you have your eye on a certain sorority. It's not fair to not give a chapter a chance, you don't know them. You might fall in love with a chapter you never saw yourself in. Make it a point to find something positive about every chapter, you'll be in a better mood that way. 

Do: Make Sure You're Comfortable
This goes especially to those of you with huge campuses where the houses are spread out all over. Not every campus has sorority row, which can equal lots of walking. I know those brand new heels seem like a good idea, but instead opt for a cute pair of flats or some comfortable wedges. This goes for clothes too. Don't wear a dress or a romper that you constantly have to pull down. 

Do: Pack Your Purse
Take a bag, this is honestly so important. The whole process involves a lot of really long days and having some Band-Aids, water, gum, and snacks will make you a well loved person among your fellow PNMs. 

Do: Ask Questions
Think of this as a job interview except more fun. Be willing to ask any questions that you have about the chapter, the girls, or anything else. It makes it less awkward for us when you ask questions instead of us having to force small talk or grill you. 

Do: Be Prepared
It is a long process, which involves being asked the same questions over and over. Don't get annoyed everyone is trying to get to know you. We all know how repetitive it is, we went through it too. 

Do: Get Your Zzzzz's
Like I said before, it's a handful of really long days. Don't go out and party during rush (this can actually hurt your chances at getting a bid) but also make it a point to go to bed earlier and get up for breakfast. 

Do: Talk to Your Rho Chi (Recruitment Counselors)
They've been through the whole process and they're here to help you. Don't be shy about asking them any questions you might have or even just asking them for advice. Don't ask about what sorority they're in because they aren't allowed to tell you anyway. 

Do: Make Friends
Lots of the girls from your pledge class, whether they get bids or not, will become some of your earliest friends in college. Take the time to talk to everyone else too, everyone is in the same boat. Plus, making friends in your pledge class makes it feel less awkward because you don't feel alone in the process. 

Do: Dress to Impress
Having a hard time choosing between that skirt and your favorite Lilly shift? Go with the Lilly. It's hard to be overdressed for rush so just wear something that you love that makes you feel confident.

Do: Know What You're Getting Into
Sorority life can get expensive and it is a large time commitment between chapter meetings, retreats, and social events. Be prepared and do your research.

Do: Make Sure You're Doing This for the Right Reasons
One of the best things about rushing is finding a group of girls who you share interests and you can make friends so quickly. These are girls you'll most likely keep as friends for the rest of your life. Don't do this for the attention, the reputation, or the parties.


Don't: Talk About the 3 B's
Booze, Boys, and the Bible. Try to keep topics light during recruitment. Religion might come up if you're talking with a faith based sorority though, then it's totally fine!

Don't: Swear
It's just not appealing, you're trying to make your best impression in a short amount of time. Just don't do it.

Don't: Have Your Heart Set
First of all it's unfair to not give all the chapters a chance, especially based only on things you've heard. Give everyone a chance. You never know, the chapter you never considered might be your favorite. It also hurts more if you have your heart set on one sorority and don't get a bid so don't put yourself in that position.

Don't: Be Intimidated
Recruitment is just kind of a strange and overwhelming experience. You're tired and you're having chants yelled at you all while being stared at by hundreds of girls knowing they are going to judge you based on a short amount of time getting to know you. That being said, if you do feel intimidated it's okay just try not to be nervous.

Don't: Take Anything Personally
Like I said we're all trying to get to know huge groups of girls in such a short amount of time based entirely off of quick conversations and small talk. If we just don't click don't take it personally.

Don't: Complain
Recruitment is a long, exhausting process. We know you're tired, we've been through the process too and honestly we are just as tired as you are. Plus our throats are sore from chanting constantly. Be excited, it makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

Don't: Worry!
This is so important! It's okay if you don't get a bid there are so many other ways to get involved on campus and make friends. If you really want in and don't get a bid during formal recruitment keep an eye out for informal recruitment sometime in the spring, or you can always try again next year.

Don't: Talk About Other Houses
Don't be the girl who goes around telling chapters how much you dislike a chapter, their house, or their girls. Many of us have friends in all different sororities on campus and you could be talking about someone's best friend. You never know who you might offend, so you're better off being positive and talking about yourself or asking questions.

That's all I can think of! If you guys have any questions about sorority recruitment I'd be more than happy to answer them! Feel free to drop me a comment here, shoot me an email or send me a DM on Instagram! I'll be answering everyone's questions!

Also be on the lookout for the next couple of posts in The College Series they will be all about sorority recruitment!


  1. As someone who's been on both sides of rush, this is a great list! Thank you!

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