Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Favorite Summer Reads

Hey y'all! So I'm doing something a little different today and I'm excited! My whole life I've been a really avid reader, I'm just a very curious person so I love learning things through books. I've always been really into mysteries or anything pertaining to medicine. So I want to share with you some really great books I've read lately in case you're looking for a good beach read! I've linked all the books so you don't have to search around, all you have to do is click the title!

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Nancy Thayer is a fantastic author. I've read a few of her books and every one of them is a great read!  You should absolutely pick one up if you need a good beach read. Nantucket Sisters and Summer House have been my two favorites so far! 

So this is the nerdy side of me coming out, but I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone considering a career in medicine or any Pre-Med students. It's a great insight into the field of medical from the perspective of a medical resident. Let me know if you decide to check this out, I'd love to know what you thought!

For anyone who loves mystery, this one is for you. I'm a huge fan of crime, thriller, mystery novels and this one did not disappoint. Just take my word on this, you NEED to read it. It's so good.

Okay so if you haven't read this, or at least heard about it, you might live under a rock. That being said, if you haven't read it yet you definitely need to. It's pretty much impossible to put down so make sure you bring another book since you'll fly through this one. 

Okay so if you don't read anything else on this list, read this one. It's a collection of essays and short stories from an aspiring writer. The twist? Sadly, Marina was killed in a car accident just days after graduating from Yale. This book is just a haunting collection of fantastic work from a successful girl who left the world too soon. 

This book has all the makings of a great beach read. It's got drama, mystery, family, and and crime. This isn't one you want to miss, it's definitely worth the read. 

A great, cheeky book for all the twenty-somethings who feel lost in love. This is such a great book for a day spent relaxing. It's a funny look into the thoughts many of us have. Give it a shot!

I'd love to know if you've picked up any of these and what you thought! Let me know if you've already read any of them too, maybe we can even start a blogger book club! 📚

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  1. These look like some great beach reads! Thanks for sharing!